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Using our Service not only comes with a guarantee that you'll get the lowest price...We also promise that you will love the home, or we will work for FREE to sell it and find you another home.  FULL STORY->

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We Will Sell Your Home Within 90 Days, at a Price Acceptable to You, or We Will Pay You $1,000 in Cash!

Dear Home Seller,

It's frustrating to list your home with a real estate broker and have disappointing results.

It's one thing to list a house. It's another thing to sell it. And it's quite another thing to sell it at top dollar.

We know exactly how you feel.

That's why we developed our GUARANTEED SALES PROGRAM.

With our Guaranteed Sales Program, we GUARANTEE, in writing, that we will sell your home in 90 days or less, AT A PRICE ACCEPTABLE TO YOU, or we will pay you $1,000 cash.

How Can We Make Such A Strong Guarantee?

It's because we do things different – a lot different, than other brokers.

We have a marketing system that will bring five to ten qualified, motivated, ready-to-buy buyers through your home each and every week. With that type of activity, eight out of ten of our listings sell within 30 days.

What, you may ask, do we do differently? Here's just a few things:

  1. We use a Talking House¨ radio transmitter to attract the interest of hundreds of buyers and potential buyers each day. A Talking House¨? That's right! Prospects can listen to your house talk on their car radio. While this technology is expensive (for us), it is so effective that we use it to market all of our properties. It's an awesome marketing tool!
  2. We advertise your home 3 times every week in the all media including magazines and internet sites including front door.com and realtor.com and har.com as well as this site and many, many more. until it is sold.
  3. We advertise a photo ad of your home in every issue of the Home Extra Magazine until it is sold.
  4. We hold your home open every week until it is sold.
  5. We offer buyers fax-on-demand information about your home, 24-hours a day.
  6. We distribute 5,000 flyers about your home in nearby neighborhoods where prospective buyers are most likely to reside.

Well, those are just 6 points of our 220 point marketing system that we use on every home we market. That's why our properties usually sell within 30 days.

Imagine if 30 to 40 buyers a month had looked at your home – do you think it would still be for sale now?

You see, marketing is the key. It's our job to get qualified, ready-to-buy buyers through your home. And we know how to do that!

In short, we know how to market homes. We know that we can market your home at top price. And we give you more than just empty promises. We'll put $1,000 on the line if we're wrong.

If our Guaranteed Sale Program sounds like something you'd be interested in knowing more about, you have two options:

1. SIX TIPS: Call  MIKE MYERS at Keller Williams Realty Southwest 713-582-6786 and hear a free recorded message with six easy, inexpensive, tips that will help your home sell for an additional $5,000 to $10,000 – whether you sell it yourself, use us, or even if you use another broker.

2. OVER-THE-PHONE PRICING EVALUATION: Call us directly at  MIKE MYERS at Keller Williams Realty Southwest 713-582-6786 for a fast, quick, no-obligation Over-The-Phone Pricing Evaluation. You will learn what other homes in your area have sold for and what is currently available and how much your home is worth. Our Over-The-Phone Pricing Evaluation has helped many sellers sell their home quickly, for top dollar. It's a free service, and there is no obligation – so why not call now?

What ever path you take, please accept our best wishes in the sale of your home!

Sincerely yours,


HOUSTON, TX. 77083
(713) 582-6786
FAX (832)-328-7320



P.S. It's important for you to know that my Guaranteed Sales Plan works. We'll be more than happy to supply references from happy, satisfied clients upon your request. It's just this simple: We'll sell your home within 90 days, at market price, or we'll pay you $1,000. Period.

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