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Have You Ever Seen A For-Sale Sign In Front Of An Interesting Home And Wondered About The Asking Price?

If you're like most people thinking about buying a home, you see ads about homes - and signs in front of homes - that catch your eye.

Perhaps, like thousands of home buyers, you hesitate to call the real estate company on the "for sale" sign because you don't want real estate agents calling you at all hours of the day and night.

We don't blame you.

Well, now there's a way to obtain all of the information on homes for sale in a prompt, courteous manner, with absolutely no cost or obligation -whatsoever.

Instant Facts - By Fax, Mail, Or E-Mail!

If you see a home that interests you, just jot down its address and call  MIKE MYERS 713-582-6786 anytime, 24 hours a day. Just leave the address of the home and how you would like the information delivered to you -by fax, postal mail, e-mail, by us leaving a message for you, or calling you directly.

We'll find the listing (no matter which company has it listed) that same day on our Multiple Listing Service Computers. We'll print a detailed listing sheet with all the details for you. Most people like us to pop it in the mail that same day so that you have all the information the next day - with no hassle, no cost, and no obligation.

We Call This Service Our HomeFinder Service - And It's Free To You!

We render this free service in the hope that when you find the perfect home that you will use our free Preferred Buyer Service to help you get the home at thousands of dollars below the list price. (But please note that, unlike many real estate salespeople, we will not be calling you or bugging you.)

We feel that true real estate service begins first with furnishing you with the factual information that you need. Any information that you want. When you want it. Unfiltered and unscreened. Without cost or obligation.

Sit Back. Relax. We'll Put Our Powerful Computers To Work For You!

If you're checking out the real estate market by calling on real estate for-sale ads or driving around and calling on signs, you will probably miss out on the perfect home because many listed homes don't have for-sale signs, many brokers never have open houses, and most "discount" real estate brokers never even advertise their listings.

Free Personalized Home Searches

We have three computers hooked up to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) computers. At your request, we'll be happy to program our computers to search homes for sale that meet your exact specifications.

Just tell us exactly what type of house you want - the price, the school district, the style, and whatever else you find important. We'll put our powerful computers to work for you, download all the information on the homes that meet your exact specifications, and deliver all of the information to you a professional, courteous fashion. There is never any obligation on your part.

Our state-of-the-art computers have direct access to MLS mainframe computers. You'll often know about new listings the day they are entered into the MLS computers. This is often 4 to 7 days before other buyers know about these homes – and a week or more before these homes are advertised or held open.

No matter what style of home you want, if it's out there, our computers will find it. Do you want two or three baths? A 2_ car garage? How about a fireplace? An acre of land in the country? If you specify it, and it's out there, you can have that information the same day it appears on the computers – even before many real estate agents are aware of it!

You Decide Which Homes You Want To See - And When You Want To See Them!

After you see exactly what homes are available for sale, there may be some that prove interesting. If you would like to see them inside, just let us know. We'll make arrangements for you to tour any home, anywhere, at your convenience, no matter which real estate company has its sign in the yard.

Before, during, and after the showing of a home, we promise to never make you feel under any obligation. It will be a pleasant, guilt free, learning experience. That's the way we do business here at US Home.

If you would like to make an offer on one of the homes you see, we'll help you prepare the offer and negotiate in your best interests as a buyer's agent – all for no cost to you.

We've been trained in the skills of presenting and negotiating offers. On the average, we help buyers buy homes for $5,329 under the listed price.

In fact, we've become so skilled at helping our buyers get their homes for thousands below the asking prices that we offer a written guarantee that says that if we don't get your home for at least $3,000 below the list price that we'll pay you $500 in cash. Be sure to ask us for a copy of our $3,000 Savings Guarantee.

Our Goal At U.S. Home: To Provide You With More Service Than You Expect!

Again, all this costs you nothing. We're paid by the seller if you buy a home. And if you look at homes for a while and decide not to buy, that's just fine.

Call us direct anytime at  MIKE MYERS 713-582-6786. We're here for one reason - to help you find the perfect home at the very best price and terms.

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MIKE MYERS 713-582-6786

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