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Nail By Nail:
How To Build A New Home
U.S. Home and Realty Corporation

We'll help you investigate and learn about a home loan:

• The best home loan programs for new homes.
• The lowest closing costs and lowest interest rates on new home loans.
• The best construction loans.
• You'll learn exactly how home loans work and how much you can afford.
• You'll be "pro-approved" for a new home loan by the lender of your choice.

How much do I want to allocate to land and the home itself?

• Example: If you qualify for a $75,000 home including lot, you might choose to allocate $15,000 for a lot and $60,000 to the home.
• We will then provide you with all of the information on every lot available for $15,000 and under in the areas that you want to live.

Then, it's on to floor plans. Here's what's next:

• We'll provide you with access to sample floor plans to stimulate your imagination.
• We'll help you narrow down the general style and size of home to fit your budget.
• We'll get preliminary quotes from builders to give you a general idea of the cost of the plans you like.

Securing the land: when you tell us which building site that you like, we'll:

• Help you prepare an offer that will allow you to "tie-up" the land you want for under $2,000.
• Present the offer to the owner on your behalf.
• Negotiate in your best interests to help you get the best buy.

Fit your house to your land – we'll help you:

• Customize the final plans of your new home to fit your land.
• Obtain final bids from the builder.
• Obtain final loan approval for your construction loan and permanent home loan.
• Prepare and sign the home construction contract with your builder.

Begin Construction!!


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