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You Can Buy A Beautiful Home With No Down Payment —
No Matter What Other Companies Say

• Call The E.I. Hotline 24 hours a day - MIKE MYERS 713-582-6786
• Call The $100 Down Payment Hotline 24 hours a day - MIKE MYERS 713-582-6786

Why Is It So Hard To Find The Low Down Payment Home Loans You're Always Reading About?

Today there are more than 60 different types of home loans, some with extremely low down payments and low monthly payments.

Most real estate companies use only 3 or 4 traditional types of home loans - all with higher down payments.

MONEY SAVING TIP: To see for yourself, try calling any real estate company and ask how much money you will need to buy an $85,000 home. They-will probably tell you that unless you are a Veteran and can get a VA loan, you will need $6,000 - $8,000 to buy this type of home. This Just isn't true.

Then why do they say that?

Because most real estate agents don't even know that these special government home loan programs exist!

Special low-down-payment home loans are difficult to understand. On top of that, it's hard to keep informed about all the different rules and loans offered by all the different home lenders.

Big real estate companies have a hard time keeping their agents up to date about the many low-down-payment home loans.

Many Big Real Estate Companies Consider Special Home Loans An Annoyance

Some companies feel that all the regulations and paperwork involved with low-down payment home loans are too much "fuss and muss." Besides, they're selling enough homes without using these special loans, so why bother?

Another problem — these special home loan programs come and go. They are always offered for only a very limited time. When the funds run out, they're gone. By the time many agents become aware of these great home loans it's too late!

MONEY SAVING TIP: There are many fine home loans to help you buy a home for little or no down payment. At any given time there may be 3 or 4 special home programs for which you qualify. These loans can save you thousands of dollars of interest and give you a down payment of ZERO, or close to it.

"I Was Told That I Earn Too Much Money To Qualify For A Special Home Loan"

Many of these great home loans have income limits, but they're all different. Some "limits" are very high. For example, the income limit for one of the zero-down-payment loans we offer is $54,650. In other words, if you earn less than $54,650, you may qualify for this zero-down-payment home loan!

MONEY SAVING TIP: There are many different types of special loans. These loans come and go, each with different rules and requirements. You may qualify for one or more of these loans.

The "Problem" With Government Home Loans

The problem with these special home loans is that they come and go in a fairly short "window period." For example: a $600 down payment home loan program may become available in April and be out of funds by mid June. To obtain one of these loans, you have to know about them before the funds are gone -- and act fast!

MONEY SAVING TIP: The average real estate agent in a big company, busy with all phases of realty, often doesn't learn about these money saving home loans until it's too late!

You Can Know About New Home Loan Programs Before Most Real Estate Agents

Here at the E.I. Hotline we make it our business to know about every special home loan program available.

Before a new home loan program begins, we learn everything that we can about the loan — then we tell you.

We work with every home lending institution in Western Texas. We know the lenders with the best home loans.

MONEY SAVING TIP: At any given time there are usually two or three super low down payment programs available for home buyers. The loan program for which you may qualify depends on your employment, family size and income.

If you want to buy a home, the first thing we need to do is find the best loan program to fit your needs. We do this for you without cost and obligation.

We Specialize In Only One Area: Helping You Find A Great Home AND A Super-Low Down Payment Home Loan

The E.I. Hotline is the "First Time Home Buyer" division of U.S. Home and Realty Corporation. Our only job is helping people find beautiful homes without a lot of money.

Our jobs are:

1. To seek out and learn about every single low down payment government and private home loan program.

2. To keep you fully informed of the home loans for which you may qualify.

3. To help find the perfect home for you.

4. To negotiate the best price and terms on your behalf.

Since 1978, we have helped more than one thousand home buyers own their own homes for very low (or zero) down payments. We can do it for you, too.

Right Now There Are Some Excellent Home Loan Programs!

State Of Texas–MSHDA

• Super low interest rates starting as low as 4.5%!
• Only 3% down payment is needed.
• Available for families earning under $43,575 per year.
• Maximum home price: $80,000 for existing homes. $99,000 for brand new homes.

If you buy a $60,000 home, this amounts to more than $1,000 per year of free money!

Zero Down Payment Farmers Home Loan

You don't have to be a farmer to get a zero down payment home loan from the Farmer's Home Loan Program.

Farmer's is an excellent zero down payment Federal Home Loan program available for people who want to buy a home in the outlying townships of Kent County. These home loans are not available for Grand Rapids, Wyoming, or Kentwood.

If you want to live in one of the following townships, this is a great zero down payment home loan.

• Algoma Township
• Sparta Township
• Courtland Township
• Cannon Township
• Ada Township
• Vergennes Township
• Byron Township
• Gaines Township
• Caledonia Township
• Portions of Alpine and Plainfield Townships.

Limitations: Sale price of the home must be between $70,000 and $90,000.

Zero down payment! If you're buying an $80,000 home, you can obtain a home loan for $80,000.... and your first payment will not come due until 30 - 55 days after you take ownership of your new home.

Here's how the Zero Down Payment Home Loan Program has worked for many of our clients and could work for you, too:

Purchase price of the home: $80,000. Home loan: $80,000 Down payment: Zero!

Closing costs, including your first year homeowner's insurance policy and your first month's payment usually are slightly less than $1,400. In other words, you can own an $80,000 for less than $1,400 TOTAL with no payments for 30-55 days.


To qualify for any of the above home loan programs, you MUST have full-time employment and a record of paying all of your bills and rent (or house payments) on-time for the last 14 months.

Do You Have A Home To Sell First?

If you currently own a home, its sale is guaranteed with our Guaranteed Cash Buyout - backed by our $250,000 line of credit with NBD Bank. With our Guaranteed Cash Buyout, we guarantee to sell your home at 100% of its full value or we'll give you the money for your home, in cash.

Our Service Is Free For You

All of our services are free to you. We'll help you find a great home and a low or zero down payment home loan - free. We're paid by the seller in the event you buy a home.

Do You Qualify?

Perhaps you feel that you can't qualify to own a home. Many people never thought they could own a home until they discovered US Home and the E.I. Hotline.
These folks now live on quiet streets in their own beautiful homes with family rooms, private back yards, full basements and garages - all because they picked up the phone and called us.

You can own a home, too. Just pick up the phone and call MIKE MYERS 713-582-6786 anytime, 24 hours a day, to hear a free recorded message listing beautiful homes all over town that you can buy for low or zero down payment.

If you would like to look at homes, have private showings of homes, or just ask more questions, call our Customer Relations Specialist, Shelley Austin, at Mike Myers 713-582-6786.
Don't worry about calling Shelley… she is not a salesperson. She won't try to talk you into anything. Her job is simply to answer any questions you may have and get you any information that you may need.

Call Shelley. She Is Here To Help You.

Shelley is available to answer your specific questions. Just give her a call at Mike Myers 713-582-6786. There is no charge, and no obligation.

We'll do anything we can to help you find the right home, in the right area, at the lowest interest rate and payment.



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